Assignment 4 – Webquests

I have used small, informal webquests during some of my History of Graphic Design classes. Instead of using these quests as evaluated assignments, we used them to spark discussion, share opinions and experiences, and gain insight into the topics we were studying. Each student has a laptop so internet access is not an issue. The class is held in a lecture theatre, so there is not an opportunity to walk around the students to see how they are progressing. Students would usually self-organize into small groups, or work independently. As students complete their research, they email their links, or other references, which I then put on the projector for class discussion.

I’ve found a webquest on a topic that I would like to explore with a customized webquest in my class. The history of photography usually gets covered very quickly during a portion of one class. I think it should be covered in greater depth and detail as many students will use photography in other design courses. In the past I’ve assigned the webquest and subsequent discussion for class time. However, we’ve often run out of time to finish the class discussion, and some students are not able to present their ideas.

To get around the time constraints I would like to expand the scope of the webquest a little and assign it for homework. The discussion would then take place the following week, after the short lecture portion of the class. I could see doing this type of webquest for one or two other topics besides photography.

The following websites would be beneficial in the history of photography webquest.


I think that Zunal seems promising as an aid to create this webquest, although creating a pdf document might also be fine. There is a final group project and presentation in this course, where students are required to pick a current piece of visual art, design or entertainment and trace the historical design influences of the piece. It would be nice to design a webquest that is a “lite” version of the final project, so that students are acquainted with the framework and process when the final project is assigned.

I like the idea of webquests as they tap into the interest that most students have in online research and play.


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  1. Hi Chris, I enjoyed reading your blog post. Yes, I can see how it is possible for you to use webquests in your classes since all students have laptops. Students are required to bring a laptop for the classes in your program. It is more engaging to use the laptops and ask students to do a web search for your class. The video you put about the History of Photography was very interesting! Thanks for sharing! We learn every day something new.

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